Preventive Care

Preventative healthcare is one of the best and most powerful ways to take ownership of your health. At Myrtle Medical, our doctors and other healthcare professionals want to help you design a preventative care program that is right for you.

Preventative care benefits vary from healthcare plan to plan, so it’s important to discuss with your doctor and insurance provider what is available and covered under your specific plan.

Routine services typically include health screenings, routine checkups, and counseling. The goal of preventative healthcare is to identify each patient’s risk, and educate him or her about what can be done to reduce those risks. Preventing health problems before symptoms arise saves money and frustration, and can ultimately save your life.

What are some of the services offered through our preventative healthcare program?

  • Vaccines and well-child visits
  • Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol screenings
  • Cancer screenings
  • Alcohol and tobacco education and cessation
  • Weight and nutrition counseling

What’s the Difference between Preventative and Diagnostic Treatment?

Preventative treatment is designed to educate you and prevent an illness. Diagnostic treatment identifies – diagnoses – the cause of existing symptoms.

Preventative care occurs before there are symptoms and helps you understand your health risks, so you can take action and keep those risks under control. The doctors and other healthcare professionals at Myrtle Medical want to help you live your healthiest life – this begins with preventative care.

Nobody wants to get sick or injured. Preventative care can reduce the odds of this happening.

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