Sports Physicals

Participation in sports can be an important part of a healthy, physically fit lifestyle – but only when you are healthy enough to participate. Before you or your child begin playing a sport, it’s important to undergo a sports physical. This helps you identify any underlying health issues and determine if you are healthy and injury-free – making it easier to get the most from a sports program.

The primary goal of a sports physical is to determine if you are able to safely participate in a specific sport. Most child and teen sports programs require proof of a physical before allowing participants into the program. Even if a physical is not required, undergoing one can help give parents peace of mind before their child begins grueling practice sessions or takes to the field or court.

What Can You Expect during a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals begin with an assessment of your medical history. This is used to evaluate your risk for illness or injury, your current health, allergies, and if you are prone to issues with breathing or dizziness. The medications you use will also be discussed.

Next, your doctor will evaluate your physical health with an exam. This includes recording your height and weight, taking blood pressure, checking your heart, lungs, and abdomen, and assessing your posture, your flexibility, and your strength. Your doctor might also test your vision and hearing. Sports physicals for male and female patients are quite similar, but certain issues might be addressed based on your gender.

When the physical is complete, your doctor will offer a recommendation concerning your participation in your chosen program.

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